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The violin players of StringCats studied at The Conservatory, played in several orchestra's and became musical friends playing in the StringCats act. They had classical lessons of different well-known violin teachers and play their instruments in an excellent way.
Mi Sun and Annelieke are proud members of violinist act StringCats.
These charming young ladies enjoyed a solid, classical music- background and also love to play modern pop music on their violins. Therefore this violin-act is stylish, swinging and with a Global Touch! The fun in playing the violin as well as their professional live performance on stage, lead to a tóp show act.

Surprising show with feel good and energizing music: renewing repertoire from classical music in rock beats to film tunes in hits from all over the world!
In a strong 10-15 minutes show
StringCats will take you through a well known classical repertoire with modern and energetic arrangements, world grooves and disco-dance repertoire, that will energize the audience! Whether you're 20 or 70 years old, these beautiful violin players will blow you away with their show...!

NEW: their new show is called Duel and contains well-known cross-over repertoire. This extra touch has already proved itself to be a smashing success!

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Mi Sun Hiltermann (1987) born in Cheong-Ju, South-Korea.
Mi Sun started her musical career at the age of 9 at the Music School SKVR. She has been a concertmaster in various famous Dutch Youth Orchestras as violinist and on viola. Mi Sun has filled the position of concertmaster for over three years at the well known Jeugd Orkest Nederland, the top youth orchestra in Holland!
Mi Sun studied at the Rotterdams Conservatorium Codarts, Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, where she received lessons by Thijs Kramer and she followed many violin masterclasses. Mi Sun succeded her Classical Violin Bachelor exam with the high grade of a 9.0.




Annelieke Marselje (1987)
started her musical studies at